Our experts

Dr Phil Greer

Has delivered many tens of millions of dollars of savings on more than 200 diverse cost reduction projects across a wide range of organizations – without trimming wages or headcount.

After spending two decades in the corporate world, Dr. Greer progressively realized what he was passionate about (and just quietly, very good at) which was ‘finding, developing and deploying smart services that deliver exceptional value to organizations’.

In 2013 Dr. Greer came across Denis Preston’s proprietary method for recruiting high-performance candidates in much less time compared to conventional methods of recruitment. After a lot of due diligence, Dr. Greer knew that the world needed to hear about this, and so after some refinement of the methodology he, along with Mr. Preston and Ms. Bowden took the step of offering their services to the world through a new organization called Subcon 7.

Dr. Greer says: “I used to constantly ask Denis if he was sure if his method of candidate recruitment really was able to consistently find high performing people with a high degree of confidence – since it seemed too good to be true. But after seeing the system work remarkably well with the employer after employer – I became a believer. And then Subcon 7 was born. I have great delight in offering Subcon 7’s service to employers who are struggling to find good people for their business because, quite simply, it delivers a unique service with exceptional value.”

In 2013 Phil Greer put his main findings into the Amazon best-selling book called Money For Nothing – The Smart Way To Reduce Your Overhead Costs.

He was the founder of a financial services business called UNAC which offered high value, unique products to many thousands of clients. In the early days of UNAC there was a 70% failure rate regarding the deployment of new salespeople within the business – until Denis found, adapted and deployed a sophisticated recruitment method from the US that enabled him to employ three times as many salespeople per year at a significantly reduced failure rate of 25%. This allowed Denis to exponentially grow UNAC by employing great people before selling UNAC with 12,000 clients to an insurance company for $ 100-million.

Denis’s true passion is delighting clients with placing great people within their organisations and then watching their organisations flourish as a direct result.

Denis has put the same methodical, diligent, and relentless pursuit into his businesses, including Subcon 7, as he did when he was a player on the team that won the 1971 rugby league grand final with St George for a record 11th time in a row.

Denis Preston

Julie Bowden

Is a true entrepreneur with a stellar, international corporate background in training, sales & marketing, and business development.

Julie was introduced to the unique recruitment method by Denis Preston, ex-CEO and founder of UNAC, that enabled UNAC to exponentially grow to over 200 salespeople. When Julie learned that the system that Denis had both refined and brought to Australia had slashed Metlife’s recruitment training & development costs by more than $ 600-million annually she was hooked on the idea of deploying the powerful concept in a revised format to the Australian market in a business partnership.

For the past decade Julie has witnessed firsthand the significant impact of the recruitment system within Australia, before partnering with Subcon 7 as an invaluable member of the team.

Julie’s passion in life outside of recruitment is working as a tireless volunteer within the Magic Moments Foundation, starting off as a basket brigadier in 1998 before being promoted to director the following year. In 2003, a partnership with the Anthony Robbins Foundation was formed to help provide tools and resources to teens in Australia, before becoming a stand-alone, sustainable entity in Australia in 2009, offering one of the best programs for teenagers in the world!