Book: Money for nothing

“Subcon 7’s unique 7-step process combined with our highly skilled staff result in organisations being able to solve the No. 1 business problem – finding great people.”


Dr. Phil Greer is a cost reduction specialist who claims that cost reduction runs in his DNA.

He has delivered tens of millions of dollars of savings on more than 200 diverse cost reduction projects across a wide range of organisations – without trimming wages or headcount

Phil has put his main findings into an Amazon best-selling book called Money For Nothing – The Smart Way To Reduce Your Overhead Costs.

He is exceptionally client focused and organised with an unparalleled work ethic that always puts the needs of his client first.

Phil was the leading client acquirer in Australia for four years running (2010, 2011, 2012, 2013) with Expense Reduction Analysts, a global cost management and procurement organisation. In 2013, he co-founded WC20, with a top-ranking barrister, a niche consulting company that uncovers significant savings for organisations with $ multi-million workers compensation costs.

Subcon 7, Phil’s latest adventure, saves organisations money on their recruitment costs – by deploying a smart, powerful methodology that enables employers to recruit only high performing candidates, which in turn prevents organisations from making all-too-common bad hires that cost organisations anywhere between one to five times the employee’s annual salary. 


Cost reduction is not as easy as many people think. Prior to becoming involved in projects, I typically see many examples of failed cost reduction initiatives within organisations as a result of them not having the focus, the process, the time or the expertise that are all needed to drive, and keep, costs down. Moreover, very few organisations are unaware that their cost reduction efforts are not even close to being best in class.

In my book I show people where they can save significant amounts of money on a range of different overhead costs. 

In chapter 22 I describe how organisations can use smart recruitment to hire high performing people, which in turn results in both more effective and more productive employees that assist organisations in flourishing.  

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